fotograaf Henry Badeloe
Henry Badeloe

Mijn naam is Henry Badeloe, de beeldmaker voor bruid-en de zakelijke markt.
Mijn missie is om vanuit een krachtig inlevingsvermogen, met geduld en passie voor het maken van het perfecte beeld, mensen een levenslange en tastbare herinnering te geven.

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The most beautiful wedding photos


After the wedding comes the great afterglow.

Wedding photography

During a wedding shoot I spend plenty of time in advance to get to know the bridal couple and discuss their wishes.


Many couples choose to do a pre-wedding shoot before the wedding.

Unique in The Netherlands

Nice weather guarantee!

The weather in the Netherlands is constantly changing. Unique in the Netherlands, and as the first photographer I now offer. As of January 1, 2012 it is possible to book a beautiful alternative day to your wedding day, for a separate shoot of two hours. The separate shoot of about 2 hours on a beautiful day of you together at another time can be thought as an “After Wedding Shoot”.

It is very normal to have pictures taken together for your wedding at a beautiful wedding location, so why not do that after the wedding? I will arrange a professional make-up artist and stylist, and you ensure that your wedding attire is ready for your “sunny day shoot”. The photos I make can of course be processed in your wedding album as if they were taken your wedding day, do not you think this fits or fake, then I can of course make a separate album. The “sunny day” can be arranged with the photographer for your wedding.

Rate Nice Weather Guarantee

Take a good weather guarantee offer during booking. This guarantee offers for a limited amount of € 275, – the certainty of a beautiful weather (shining sun) on your wedding photos. This can be arranged for a wedding day in the months of April to October and is only valid if during the time that is pre-scheduled for the photo shoot and no sunbeam was visible and it rained.

On a rainy day in the Hague I frequently take wedding photos at this location.

mooi weer garantie
mooi weer garantie

Did your wedding day literally or figuratively fall into the water?

Have your wedding photos literally fallen into the water? Did you expect other photos from your photographer during the photo shoot? Even then it is of course possible to book an “After Wedding Shoot”. I would love to go out with you on a fantastically beautiful day or summer evening to take truly romantic photos of you!

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