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Henry Badeloe


Ik heb Surinaamse roots en woon en werk als sinds 1998 als fotograaf in het mooie Den Haag.

Mijn vader gaf mij als kleine jongen een mooi advies dat mij altijd is bijgebleven: help mensen. Help elkaar, dan komt het goed. Deze levensles vormt nog altijd de basis van mijn werk als fotograaf. Want in feite is dat wat ik doe: ik help mensen aan mooie beelden en blijvende herinneringen. Zo maak ik mensen blij.

Al van jongs af aan ben ik bezig met fotografie. Op mijn twaalfde zag ik voor een eerst een foto tot ontwikkeling komen in een donkere kamer: wauw, ik vond het geweldig! Toen ik zestien was, kreeg ik mijn eerste professionele fotocamera. Dit raakte mij diep in mijn hart. Vanaf dat moment wist ik wat mijn levensmissie was: mensen met unieke beelden een tastbare herinnering geven. Dat is nu meer dan dertig jaar geleden.

Zullen wij eerst kennismaken?

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Corporate photographer

If you work with an experienced and professional corporate photographer, your photos will stand out from the standard classic images of others. Yours will be unique and striking, and will reflect you and your company

✔️Did you take the photos on your website by yourself and are you a large consumer of standard stock photos?

✔️ Does it take you a lot of time to find the suitable images for your (online) communication expressions?

✔️Are you ready for fresh, new photos that tell who you are and what your company stands for?

corporate photography

A company photographer ensures that well-known´click´

As a driven professional, your company’s image is important and you know the image you want to present. You think carefully about your target group and your branding and this is translated into a cool logo, beautiful business cards and a catchy design for your website.

But something is still missing. It’s that authentic look that makes your business special and different from the competition.

I will create the unforgettable images of you and your company that will leave a lasting impression on your established customers and will bring in new ones too!

Corporate portraits demonstrate the vision and core values of your company

Your customers don’t just want to know what you can do for them. They want to know who they are dealing with. That first impression is very important. And, as an ambitious entrepreneur, you know this like no other.

Powerful corporate portraits of you and/or your staff will:

  • give your company a face
  • ensure a professional appearance
  • inspire confidence

An experienced corporate photographer can provide that well-known ‘click’.

Let’s get acquainted (at no cost), if you don’t yet have photos that show the vision and core values ​​of your company.

It's always smart to work with a corporate photographer because

  • you will create a well-stocked bank of powerful images that you can use to showcase your business in all your communication with others
  • you will have a pool of new but still recognizable photos for your social media profile and you are sure of a professional online appearance
  • we can provide a corporate photo shoot for you on location in an environment that is familiar to you and/or your employees
  • we have professional equipment that will create authentic, polished images
  • the photos you receive can be used for different purposes: social media, your annual report, your website and more.

A company video is also possible

Read here about making a professional corporate video or a catchy elevator pitch on video.

About Henry Badeloe

Photography is my passion. It always has been and always will be. Even in my spare time, I never go out without my (video) camera. After all, you never know what you might see or who you might meet!

I am an experienced corporate photographer working in The Hague. I opened my own photo studio in 1992 and, over the years, have built up a great deal of ‘people knowledge’. This experience as a photographer allows me to put people at ease so I can present you and your business in images.


I observe and listen and, after just one conversation, will have ideas about how we could present you and your company in the right way.


Do you want to use the power of images to benefit your company?

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