fotograaf Henry Badeloe
Henry Badeloe

Mijn naam is Henry Badeloe, de beeldmaker voor bruid-en de zakelijke markt.
Mijn missie is om vanuit een krachtig inlevingsvermogen, met geduld en passie voor het maken van het perfecte beeld, mensen een levenslange en tastbare herinnering te geven.

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A Gothic business shoot on location

Gothic business Photoshoot

The intention was to do a photo shoot with theme WET.
It rained all week and why always a photo shoot when it’s dry.
So with model and make-up artist agreed to plan a photo shoot in the rain.
Model Ashley felt like the makeup artist thought it was a challenge and I was prepared for water,
also my equipment.
But we were surprised: it was dry and occasionally the sun was shining.
Again or again the photo shoot continues.
We did a Gothic theme. The gothic Business photoshoot.

We did a Gothic theme. Despite no Wet photoshoot!

We have been able to realize a spectacular photo shoot.
View the photos of Model Ashley and the make-up of Maryam (MUA)

Business photoshoot in the studio or on location. 

This time in the photostudio. Hans van Woerkom , the storyteller contacted me for a company photoshoot for his business as a storyteller. A serie of photos of his expressions.

When I started to take the shot he started to tell stories. I listened while he telling end I was wondering how he was in the scene, (the story). The expressions during the storytelling.

I pressed the button on the right moment to capture his expressions . I was listening carefully because the moment to press the shutter is crucial.

It was great to work with Hans van Woerkom, he is a professional storyteller and so the audience is paying attention, the way he is telling the story with his expressions.




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