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Ik heb Surinaamse roots en woon en werk als sinds 1998 als fotograaf in het mooie Den Haag.

Mijn vader gaf mij als kleine jongen een mooi advies dat mij altijd is bijgebleven: help mensen. Help elkaar, dan komt het goed. Deze levensles vormt nog altijd de basis van mijn werk als fotograaf. Want in feite is dat wat ik doe: ik help mensen aan mooie beelden en blijvende herinneringen. Zo maak ik mensen blij.

Al van jongs af aan ben ik bezig met fotografie. Op mijn twaalfde zag ik voor een eerst een foto tot ontwikkeling komen in een donkere kamer: wauw, ik vond het geweldig! Toen ik zestien was, kreeg ik mijn eerste professionele fotocamera. Dit raakte mij diep in mijn hart. Vanaf dat moment wist ik wat mijn levensmissie was: mensen met unieke beelden een tastbare herinnering geven. Dat is nu meer dan dertig jaar geleden.

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Why is Wedding Photography Important?

Why is Wedding Photography Important?

It looks like you are soon going to marrying the love of your life. This is undoubtedly the best time of your life, and you want to remember it for years and years to come. But the question is, how can you do that? How is it possible to save these blessed memories for the rest of your life? The answer is quite simple, and that is by hiring a professional corporate photographer.

During this time, you might be busy making arrangements for your wedding. You want that everything must go perfectly, and you don’t have to deal with any issues on your big day. While planning your wedding, you have to bring a lot more things into consideration. You want that all arrangements take place perfectly and stay within your budget.

Wedding photos is one of these arrangements. Many couples skip wedding photos, thinking that it’s not essential for their big day.

Wedding photography is an important ingredient of your marriage. Among all other arrangements, you must add this arrangement to your “to-do” list while planning your wedding.

Importance of Wedding Photography

The following reasons will help you understand why wedding photography is essential and why you should consider it necessary for your big day.

1.   It Brings the Couple into the spotlight.

The most important part of any wedding is the couple getting married. The couple is what all wedding about, and it matters the most at the end of the day. The best way to bring the couple into the spotlight is through wedding photography.

The wedding photographers can be seen roaming around the couple, requesting them to make specific poses so that their best moments can be captured and saved. The entire family members gather around the couple and request the photographer to capture their snaps with them. In this way, the couple gets significant importance on their big day through wedding photography.

2   You Get Professional Photographs Along with Editing Services

Yes, with these advancements in technology and ease of usage, everyone can take photographs, but their quality won’t be as good as that of a trained wedding photographer. Most wedding photographers have adopted this field as their passion, and they have plenty of experience in their field. Above all, they have the right equipment needed for capturing your best moments on your big day.

Wedding photographers will make sure that all your snaps are real and attractive. The photos won’t be blurry, awkward, or messed up; instead, you will get the best pictures of yourself with the love of your life. The wedding photographers will handle the editing services and make sure you get the best quality final product. So, the best way to save your memories and that too in the best possible manner is through wedding photography.

3.   The Bridal Dress Gets the Value it deserves

We all know that bridal dresses are made with utmost care. It takes a lot more effort and sincerity to choose a bridal dress that gets significant importance. What if the bride wears the dress only once and has no snaps to see how she was looking? She will be much more disappointed to know that she has no quality snaps to see how she was looking.

That’s where wedding photography plays its role. The bridal dress gets the value it deserves through quality snaps captured by professional corporate photographers. That’s the best way to bring the dress into the spotlight. Also, you can send your pictures to your friends later on so that they can see how you were looking on your big day.

4.   Wedding Photography Captures Emotions

Wedding photography is not all about simple photographs; instead, it captures emotions. Starting from your day till the goodbye hug of your last guest, your wedding photographs will tell a complete story of how your day went.

Even if you look at these pictures after years, you will refresh your memories and dive back exactly into that day. Some of the unforgettable moments during a wedding are:

  • Groom waiting anxiously for the bride
  • The feelings when couples look at each other for the first time
  • The pride in the eyes of the parents
  • Bride and groom holding the hands of each other for the first time

These moments are unforgettable, and the best way to remember these memories is through professional wedding photography.

5.   You will be Able to Catch the Moments You Missed

During the wedding, the couple and the hosts fail to capture all the moments because they are busy welcoming the guests, touching the makeup, or checking up everything else is fine. Simultaneously, the wedding photographer captures all these moments, and you can see them later. That’s how wedding photography helps keep you alert of all the details related to your wedding ceremony.

Hiring the Best Wedding Photographer

Having understood the importance of professional wedding photography, you might be planning to hire the best wedding photographer in your locality. Search no more.

If you are searching for the best photographer in the Netherlands, there is no better option than Henry Badeloe

Henry Badeloe is a professional photographer who has been in corporate photography for several years. His mission is to create a lifelong and tangible memory that couples can cherish in the years to come.

If you are planning your wedding ceremony in the Netherlands, you can avail of his services. You can explore his portfolioas it highlights that he is a master of his profession. 

Final Words

There is no event that is more cherished or romantic than a wedding. Having the venue decorated beautifully and marrying a person of your dreams is an unrealistic moment you want to remember for years. The best way for couples to keep memories alive even after 50 years is through quality photos and videos.

The best way to capture and save these moments for the rest of your life is by hiring a professional corporate photographer so that he can capture quality shots of your big day. That’s why wedding photography is essential.


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