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Henry Badeloe


Ik heb Surinaamse roots en woon en werk als sinds 1998 als fotograaf in het mooie Den Haag.

Mijn vader gaf mij als kleine jongen een mooi advies dat mij altijd is bijgebleven: help mensen. Help elkaar, dan komt het goed. Deze levensles vormt nog altijd de basis van mijn werk als fotograaf. Want in feite is dat wat ik doe: ik help mensen aan mooie beelden en blijvende herinneringen. Zo maak ik mensen blij.

Al van jongs af aan ben ik bezig met fotografie. Op mijn twaalfde zag ik voor een eerst een foto tot ontwikkeling komen in een donkere kamer: wauw, ik vond het geweldig! Toen ik zestien was, kreeg ik mijn eerste professionele fotocamera. Dit raakte mij diep in mijn hart. Vanaf dat moment wist ik wat mijn levensmissie was: mensen met unieke beelden een tastbare herinnering geven. Dat is nu meer dan dertig jaar geleden.

Zullen wij eerst kennismaken?

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Tangible memories of the most beautiful day of your life, emotions captured in images that you will cherish for the rest of your life.

As a passionate photographer, I don’t miss anything. I capture both big and small moments

in images and create a pure, original and powerful story.

Your story.

Are you looking for a professional photographer?

Will you soon be the bride or groom? Congratulations! Then you are probably looking for a professional photographer who will capture the most beautiful day of your life in an unforgettable way.

I am a wedding photographer who:

Or are you a committed entrepreneur who wants to:

fotograaf Den Haag

Then contact Henry's Photodesign in The Hague

Pictures say more than a thousand words. They tell a story. The story is of a special,

emotional and unforgettable wedding day. Or the story is about your company and what you mean to your customers.

Whatever the story, it is always unique. And it is unique because you are who you are.

Because stories are about people and powerful, emotional, exuberant or even vulnerable moments.


It is an art in itself to capture stories in poignant photos. It is my task to do this.


As a passionate photographer, I capture the big and small moments in images, creating a pure, original and powerful story. The story will mean that your company will make an indelible impression

on future customers. Or the story is one of an unforgettable wedding day.


Working with a professional photographer has real advantages

  • Quality: you will get high-quality photos because I use excellent equipment
  • Experience: with over 30 years of experience, I never miss that special moment
  • People skills: I put people at ease very quickly and this results in authentic photos
  • Certainty: you are guaranteed fantastic photos
  • Save time and energy: let a professional take your photos while you focus on running your business or enjoying your wedding day IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED TO SAY HERE?
photographer The Hague

Do you want to hire a calm, creative and professional photographer?

Then I am the photographer for you!

Wedding photographer

who will provide you with lifelong memories of the most beautiful day of your life.

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Corporate photographer

who will produce professional images

of your company.

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Sissy en Simon

Henry Badeloe was our wedding photographer and we liked very well. The day was quite full: photo session, wedding and party in the evening. The whole day was the photographer was there. With the photoshoot, we are well supervised for beautiful pictures, and the rest of the day actually given very freely where the photos were taken. 


It’s not just anyone who is with us all day! But he also knew not too be. Too present Henry knows right moments take the beautiful pictures. We have Henry as a professional, committed, creative, attention to detail and above all a welcoming experience man with a great sense of humor. Here we are very pleased.


referenties, bruidsfotografie

Manon en Ashley

Henry was our photographer at the wedding and we could not have wished for better.


In the morning we did a shoot in the park. The photos of this shoot have become beautiful. Much nicer than we expected. Sometimes we lost Henry, but we found him behind a bush, from where he shot beautiful pictures. He is a very creative photographer.


After this shoot we went to the location, where Henry has put all our guests in the picture. These have become beautiful photographs.


Again, Henry showed that he is a very creative and professional photographer. He is super fun with children and that produces very nice images.


If you have Henry as a photographer, you are sure that you will get a day full of humor.


After the wedding, we were sent photos as soon as possible. Henry helped us a lot in finding the wedding books. These have also become really beautiful.


Henry is a super professional, creative and enthusiastic photographer. We definitely recommend Henry to everyone.

The face behind Henry's Photodesign

Henry Badeloe: owner and founder of Henry’s Photodesign

When I was 16, I got my first professional camera. This touched my heart deeply.

Since then it has been my mission to give people great photos that will provide tangible memories.

And photos also remind people of the details they may have forgotten.


I’m often asked if I have eyes in the back of my head. I see everything, never miss that special shot and click at the crucial moment. I love it when my photos touch people.

This is why I’m a professional photographer!


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