fotograaf Henry Badeloe
Henry Badeloe

Mijn naam is Henry Badeloe, de beeldmaker voor bruid-en de zakelijke markt.
Mijn missie is om vanuit een krachtig inlevingsvermogen, met geduld en passie voor het maken van het perfecte beeld, mensen een levenslange en tastbare herinnering te geven.

Zullen wij eerst kennismaken?

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Corporate photography and business portraits


Photos strengthen the distinctive character of your company.

Profile photos

How important is a business portrait or profile photo? Social media, business cards or websites. They are all adorned with a profile picture. As an entrepreneur you are driven, believe in your company and your qualities and passion and added value. You want to convey that to your customers. You can with photos. "With a good portrait you make a difference, you stand out and you can

Architecture & home

Architecture and interior photography with thoughtful composition and beautiful lines portrayed.

Are you visible?

As an entrepreneur you are passionate and you believe in your company and your qualities. Do you dare to show yourself? 

With a good business profile photo you can make a difference.
Make an appointment for a professional business portrait and become visible. With more than 15 years of experience as a portrait photographer, I think along with you. 

How does it work

After a telephone intake, I make a clear quotation. Here you can see exactly what it costs, how we work and when you can expect the photos. Company photography can take place on location or in the photo studio in The Hague. With more than 10 years of experience in the photo lab, you get the top quality you expect from a professional photographer. 

My photos are suitable for:

• New photos for your website
• Company. product
• Corporate headshots, business portraits
• Architecture and real estate photography 

zakelijke portretten
zakelijke portretten

The power of video for your business

Video is ideal for giving a powerful first impression of your business. A strong trigger that makes the visitor want to know more about your company.

First of all, what do you want to talk about your company? What makes your company so unique?

And why would customers choose your company?

Do you also want to rank better with your video content in Google and do you want to be found better?

Using video marketing (video content) to reach customers is most close to a personal conversation.

It is not easy for everyone to pose yourself in front of the camera. I had trouble with it myself to be in front of the camera.

Good guidance and putting people at ease is a profession in itself.

That is why I will help entrepreneurs to progress with video marketing.

Thanks to years of experience with video, I am willing to convey your message to your potential customers.

And you can’t do this that smoothly, with your mobile. It requires good preparation, going through script, recording (day) and revisions.

Then we will look together on which Social Media platform you score better with your video content.

Take yourself seriously and call for an appointment and we will discuss your ideas together.

Video marketing is constantly increasing and is widely used.

Contact for more information.

bedrijfsfotografie en zakelijke portretten
Who preceded you?

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